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Breaking Down or Re-Building The Walls

Migration Crisis, Refugees and Security in Southeastern Europe

Venue: Bertinoro, Italy
Period: September 16, 2016

Nowadays we witness the rise of new internal walls in Europe, in order to face the escalating migration crisis that shook the continent throughout the last two years.
The current situation is a true ‘testing ground’ for the European Union’s commitment to human rights and open borders. 
Especially, it was the South-East European area that faced the most serious challenges, following the rise of the Western Balkans migration route in 2015.

1. Managing European Borders: Migration Crisis, Refugees and Security in the Balkans
The morning session will be devoted to the recent mechanisms enacted by the so-called 'Migration Crisis'. The debate will be focused on the political and cultural dynamics involving the refugee crisis and security issues during the last years, in an attempt to understand the transformation of the complex dynamics in drawing national (and all-European) borders from a South-East European perspective.

2.  Far Right Extremism in The Balkans
The afternoon session will give space to discussion of the political outcomes of the crisis in the emergence of far right-extremism in South-East Europe. Practices involving politics of newborn fear and the manipulated representation of the ‘others’, which have been enacted by far right political groups in the area, will be analysed by internationally renowned speakers.


The participants


Opening Remarks

Sen. Lodovico Sonego (President of the Parliamentary Committee, CEI)
Stefano Bianchini (University of Bologna)
Marco Puleri (University of Bologna)

Challenging the notion of the humanitarian approach to the refugee crisis: Croatia and the Balkan route
Viktor Koska (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Desecuritisation of migration and its repercussions for EU migration policies
Dimitris Skleparis (ELIAMEP - Athens, Greece)
Crimmigration Elements within the ‘Corridor of Convenience
Neža Kogovšek Šalamon (Peace Institute, Slovenia)

Chair: Francesco Privitera (University of Bologna)

Far-right Youth

Anna Krasteva (New Bulgarian University)
Far-right Extremism and migration crisis in Greece
Sotiris Vandoros (University of the Peloponnese, Greece)
Racist Hate Speech in Slovenia
Veronika Bajt (Peace Institute, Slovenia)

Chair: Anna Krasteva (New Bulgarian University)

The impact of the Migrant Crisis for the Western Balkans

Valbona Zeneli (George C. Marshall Centre, Germany)
How Far Right Can The Balkans Go? The Populism and Democracy in the 21st Century Europe
Asim Mujkić (University of Sarajevo)

Closing Remarks
Stefano Bianchini (University of Bologna)
Dr. Ugo Poli (Project Manager, CEI)


Conference Organising Committee

  • Stefano Bianchini
  • Anna Krasteva
  • Marco Puleri


Information & contacts

Dr. Marco Puleri

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
address: Studio F3 - School of Political Science - Forlì Campus, Via G. Della Torre, 5 - Forlì (FC)


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