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Anniversary Essays on Tolstoy

edited by: Donna Tussing Orwin
published by
: Cambridge University Press
pp: 280
ISBN: 9781107412743
price: £29.99

Book's frontpage

A century after Leo Tolstoy's death, the author of War and Peace is widely admired but too often thought of only with reference to his realism and moral sense. The many sides of Tolstoy revealed in these essays speak to readers with astonishing force, relevance, and complexity. In a lively, challenging style, leading scholars range over his long life, from his first work Childhood to the works of his old age like Hadji Murat, and the many genres in which he worked, from the major novels to aphorisms and short stories. The essays present fresh approaches to his central themes: love, death, religious faith and doubt, violence, the animal kingdom, and war. They also assess his reception both in his lifetime and subsequently. Setting new agendas for the study of this classic author, this volume provides a snapshot of more current scholarship on Tolstoy.


Table of contents

Introduction Donna Tussing Orwin
1. Tolstoy and music Caryl Emerson
2. Sublime vision and self derision: the aesthetics of death in Tolstoy Andreas Schönle
3. Tolstoy's peaceable kingdom Robin Feuer Miller
4. Leo Tolstoy: pacifist, patriot, and molodets Donna Tussing Orwin
5. Leo Tolstoy's correspondence with Nikolai Strakhov: the dialogue on faith Irina Paperno
6. The worm of doubt: Prince Andrei's death and Russian spiritual awakening of the 1860s Ilya Vinitsky
7. Tolstoy's spirituality Gary Hamburg
8. Tracking the English novel in Anna Karenina: who wrote the English novel that Anna reads? Edwina Cruise
9. Violence and the role of drama in the late Tolstoy: The Realm of Darkness Justin Weir
10. What men quote by: Tolstoy, wise sayings, and moral tale Gary Saul Morson
11. The 'proletarian lord': Leo Tolstoy's image during the Russian revolutionary period Michael J. Denner
Works cited

About the Author

Donna Tussing Orwin, University of Toronto


Donna Tussing Orwin, Caryl Emerson, Andreas Schönle, Robin Feuer Miller, Irina Paperno, Ilya Vinitsky, Gary Hamburg, Edwina Cruise, Justin Weir, Gary Saul Morson, Michael J. Denner


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