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American Representations of Post-Communism

Television, Travel Sites, and Post-Cold War Narratives

by: Andaluna Borcila
published by
: Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies
pp: 232
ISBN: 978-0-415-74138-5
price: $125.00

Book's frontpage

With the televised events of 1989, territories of Eastern and Central Europe that had been marked as impenetrable and inaccessible to the Western gaze exploded into visibility. As the narratives of the Cold War crumbled, new narratives emerged and new geographies were produced on and by American television. Using an understudied archive of American news broadcasts, and tracing their flashes and echoes through travel guides and narratives of return written by Eastern European-Americans, this book explores American ways of seeing and mapping communism’s disintegration and the narratives articulated around post-communist sites and subjects


Table of contents

1. Disintegrating Communism: The Normative Site of the Berlin Wall
2. Accessing the Romanian Revolution: Romania’s Journey from Fringe Zone to Symptomatic Site
3. On-site Encounters and Overexposed Sites: Post-communist Televisual Romania
4. Desiring, Mapping and Naming Eastern Europe: The Discourse of Travel Guides
5. With Different Eyes? Self-Seeing and Mapping in Narratives of Return

About the author

Andaluna Borcila is Associate Professor of Comparative Cultures and Politics and Humanities, Culture and Writing at James Madison College, Michigan State University, USA.


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