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European integration and transformation in the Western Balkans

Europeanization or Business as Usual?


edited by: Arolda Elbasani
published by
: Routledge
ISBN: 978-0-415-59452-3
pp: 218
price: £ 85.00

Book's frontpage

The extension of EU enlargement policy to the region has generated high expectations that enlargement will regulate democratic institution-building and foster reform, much as it did in Central and Eastern Europe. However, there is very little research on whether and how unfavourable domestic conditions might mitigate the transformative power of the EU. This volume investigates the role of domestic factors, identifying ‘stateness’ as the missing link between the assumed transformative power of the EU and the actual capacity to adopt EU rules across the region. Including chapters on Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, leading scholars in the field offer up-to-date comparative analysis of key areas of institutional and policy reform; including state bureaucracy, rule of law, electoral management, environmental governance, cooperation with the International Court of Justice, economic liberalization and foreign policy.

Looking to the future and the implications for policy change, European Integration and Transformation in the Western Balkans provides a new theoretical and empirical focus on this little understood area.


Table of contents


Part I: Europeanization Travels to the Western Balkans
This section provides information on strategies, reforms, and also the obstacles on the issue of a possible EU enlargement in the Balkans region.

Part II: Europeanization in Consolidated States
This section analyzes the political situation in the so-called consolidated states (i.e. Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania).
Part III: Europeanization in Contested States
This section discusses the process of state building in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the impact of the EU enlargement process in the region.
When Europeanization hits limited statehood. The Western Balkans as a test case for the transformative power of Europe.


About the author

Arolda Elbasani is Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.


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