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The Next Generation in Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan

Youth, Politics, Identity, and Change

by: Nadia M. Diuk
published by
: Rowman & Littlefield
pp: 226
ISBN: 978-0-7425-4945-6
price: £ 44.95

Book's frontpage

In the past twenty years, the countries that used to make up the former Soviet Union have seen plenty of change. There have been revolutions, youth-led protest movements, and other forms of incredible political upheaval. At the center of all of this were young leaders fighting to be heard and clamoring for change. In Nadia Diuk's meticulously researched and insightful book. The Next Generation in Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan, she shows how those young leaders have risen up and become a part of the new political system. Using unique public opinion polling data and personal interviews, she explores how the new generation of leaders is shaping the political system and how the young people of today continue to exhort pressure for reform. This book is important to anyone interested in Eastern European studies, political transitions, protest movements, or youth and politics.


About the author

Nadia M. Diuk is the Vice President of programs in Africa, Europe, and Eurasia, Latin American, and Caribbean for the National Endowment for Democracy.


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