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The Borders of The Polity.

Migration and Security Across the EU and the Balkans

edited by: Luisa Chiodi
published by: A. Longo editore
pp: 256
ISBN: ISBN 88-8063-478-X
price: € 25.00

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People displacements, internal and external to the Balkans, provoked by wars as much as by economic hardship, have been one of the main features of the troubled post-communist transformation in the region and they are considered today one of the main obstacles to the integration of the region into the EU.
Ethnic cleansing and political failures in the Balkans drastically overthrew the previous geopolitical and demographic structure without creating stability. Today the borders of nation-states are unequivocally under strain, experiencing in different ways the challenges of globalization.

Written by a multinational team of senior and junior researchers, this book is a study of migrations and civil society across the Balkans and its EU neighbours. It focuses in particular on social organizations formed among refugees, displaced persons, and migrants that strive to emerge in the local and transnational public sphere. Their struggles for recognition, it is argued, display its fundamental role for democracy, both East and West.
From different perspectives and in the various polities considered -Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Turkey -these innovative studies consider how, via people mobility, the intercultural relations of the Balkans meet the process of integration of the European Union.


Table of Contents

Preface by Stefano Bianchini

Luisa Chiodi, Introduction. The Borders of the Polity. Migration and Security across the Balkans and the EU

Part One - Displacement and Change
Federica Baroncini and Fabio Zuccheri, Split: a Catalyst or a Crossroads for Immigration?
Lino Zonzini, Albanian Migrations in Albania and Migration Events of Albanians
Anna Krasteva, The Chinese in Bulgaria

Part Two - Security and Inclusion
Tatjana Sekulić, Forced Migration and Perception of Borders: War-migrant Associations as a Resource for Integration
Melita Richter, The Other of Trieste
Zoran Lapov, The Former-Yugoslav Roma in Italy: a Struggle for Socio-Cultural Participation or for Survival?
Fabio Salomoni, Balkan Migrations to Modern Turkey: Continuity and Change

Part Three - Transnational Dynamics and Participation
Luisa Chiodi and Rando Devole, Albanian Migrants in Italy and the Struggle for Recognition in the Transnational Public Sphere
Thanos Maroukis, Albanian Migrants in Athens and the Emergence of a Transborder Public Sphere
Cornel Ban, Mapping Out Spaces and Relations of Transnationalism: The Case of Romanian Immigration in Italy


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