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Stefan Delureanu, a history the History

This video shows the central chapters of the documentary Stefan Delureanu, a history the History made by Alberto Basciani and Enrico Inglese. After the film opening in Bucharest last October 7, 2011 other projections followed in other Italian cities.

Ştefan Delureanu was born in Mangalia, Romania, in 1926. A hotel keeper, his father made his restaurant a reknown gathering point for famous Romanian intellectuals in the 1920s and 1930s. So Ştefan grew up among artists, writers, philosophers and historians, what made him decide to study history. However, the events and consequences of World War II changed his life together with the history of his country. First hindered in completing his studies, he was then prevented from teaching in high schools and in 1951 he was incarcerated in a labor camp, where he remained until Stalin's death in 1953. Overcoming obstacles posed by the Communist regime, he succeeded in studying history getting a PhD degree in 1972. Focusing on the Italian Risorgimento, he carried out research in Italian and Austrian archives and became one of the main experts on Mazzini thoughts and Italian Risorgimento ideals. After the regime collapsed, he continued denouncing a democartization process which proved itself ambiguous and distorted.


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