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Saturday June 03, 2023
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The Nationalism. Political Culture, Mediation and Conflict

Edited by Silvia Matteucci

Europe and the Balkans Network's book num 12
Europe and the Balkans Network's book num 12

This book contributes new specific analyses to the debate on nationalism that has been central to the international academic debate for over a decade and is in many ways unique within the range of Italian publications on the subject.
Nationalism is tackled in the context of pre- and post-communist political cultures and of the open or latent conflicts in Eastern Europe.
Some essays privilege a theoretical approach, offering readers new insights.
Three case studies from Kosovo, Crimea and Moldova are also included, providing field-work accounts of aspects of inclusion/exclusion, order/disorder that weigh heavily on the democratic transition in the Balkans and in the Black Sea region.
The book deals with these issues with an original and dynamic approach that focuses on a comparative analysis of the regional context, highlighting cross-cutting, underlying trends which are far more relevant than they appear from a merely national standpoint. 



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