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Interview with Roman Chayka

by Alessandro Savaris

Kiev, Ukraina, june 2007. Maidan Nezalezhnosti square
Kiev, Ukraina, june 2007. Maidan Nezalezhnosti square

Interview with Roman Chayka, Ukrainian journalist, who was the first to diffuse by radio the records proving the involvement of the ex-Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma in the kidnapping of the Ukrainian journalist Georgij Gongadze.

Kiev, Ukraina, december 2004. Revolution's souvenir
Foto 5 Kiev, Ucraina, dicembre 2004. Chiosco di souvenir della Rivoluzione.

Chayka is actually working in the Ukrainian tv-channel Piath Kanal, where is conducting the television-program of political discussion Piath Kopejki. Piath Kanal is considered to be the first and most important independent television-channel of Ukraine, that played a central rule in the promotion of the Orange Revolution ideals, during the Orange Revolution, the massive street-protests that had taken place in Ukraine in 2004.


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