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How to contribute

To create PECOB's collection the Institute for East-Central Europe and Balkans hereby invites you to submit scientific and information materials, according to the guidelines and the forms laid down by the technical and editorial staff.

"Scientific documents" is meant in the broadest sense, and includes all documents, theses, dissertations, papers, articles and research projects related to the Scientific Areas of Politics, Economics, History, Society, Language Literature and Culture, and the Media.

"Information documents" includes any up-to-date academic information regarding calls, conferences, events, educational courses, journals, books, reports on academic events, and photographs related to the Eastern European countries, the Balkans and the Post-Soviet Space. It also includes information about institutions operating in the political, economic, academic and civil sectors.

All materials should be sent only in digital format on CDrom/DVD or by e-mail to this section's coordinator Mrs Dessislava Krasteva ( Contributors will be kept updated about the state of the information they send.

Please, download and read the full call (which is avilable also in Italian language).

Forms for submitting general informative content

Contributing content to be uploaded to any section of PECOB (other than that devoted to papers, essays and dissertations) is easy. Contributors need only to fill out the proper form to contributing the content and send it as an e-mail attachment to the editorial staff.
Check the forms already available on the page Forms for submitting content.

How to submit scientific proposals

PECOB editorial Staff is constantly collecting proposals for scientific contributions.  Any contributor willing to submit a scientific document (MA thesis, PhD dissertation, paper or article) is welcome to do it.
Each proposal for PECOB Scientific Library will be first evaluated by PECOB Scientific Committee and then pass through a peer review process. Positively evaluated papers and essays will be given an ISSN code and become part of the PECOB’s papers series, provided that they show high scientific relevance and/or innovation in the field of academic research; whereas theses and dissertations will be given an ISBN code and published on-line as PECOB’s volumes.
If the peer review ends positively, the contribution will be edited by the editorial staff and the author will receive a proof of his/her contribution for proofreading. At this stage the author’s proof corrections should only consist of typos and/or factual errors.
The last step before publication requires the author to sign PECOB copyright compliance and send his/her personal data (in case he/she doesn’t appear among PECOB’s contributors yet).


To contribute to PECOB's collection, please bear in mind that materials need to be complete in all their parts, as shown in the guidelines. Partial information won't be used.

PECOB follows a strict policy regarding the quality and accessibility of the documents published on the Portal (Legge Stanca 4/2004), in an effort to match the highest standards on web content accessibility. In order to ensure maximum readability, accessibility and conversion quality, authors and contributors are requested to make every effort in formatting and saving their documents correctly.

Please download and read carefully the guidelines to prepare and send your contributions. The guidelines are available also in Italian language.


Copyright compliance

In accordance with the Open Access policy, PECOB provides open educational resources for researching, teaching and learning that are freely available on-line for everyone to use, whether you are an instructor, scholar, researcher, student, or self-learner.

Remember that all contributions should come with a signed consent form, in accordance with PECOB's copyright policy. This document indicates that the publisher of your materials (in case of previously published materials) and all representatives involved in any aspect of the publication process or you yourself as author - when materials are not protected by copyright - agree to abide by the copyright policy adopted by PECOB's editorial staff.

Please download, read, sign and send your copyright compliance document to the PECOB editorial staff.

For further information please contact us using the form below

  • The staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Please do read all the documents available on this page before asking questions.
  • This form is meant exclusively for contribution related matters, messages about any other subject will be ignored.
  • If you need to get in touch with the staff for any other reason or if you need support please use the addresses available on our contacts page.

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