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Reframing European Knowledge Policies: Reconciling the (post-)Soviet with the Global

February 2015 | #56

by: Peter Szyszlo
pp: 49
ISSN: 2038-632X

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Globalization is bringing about a redefinition to the mission of higher education and research; however, the insertion of post-Soviet universities in the global higher education arena poses specific challenges. The interplay between the Soviet higher education legacy and the pressures of globalization reveal a dual framework whereby adaptive responses and entrenched management logics run parallel (and often in conflict) with one another. Against this context, institutional change in universities across the former Soviet space is occurring within a framework of increased hybridity and contextual adaptation, thereby requiring innovative approaches to educational practice and reflexive responses to the imperatives of global science.



Bologna Process, Europe of Knowledge, globalization, internationalization, knowledge society, post-Soviet higher education

Table of contents

Globalized knowledge in context
Globalization, Internationalization, Europeanization: Definitions and pathways
The Knowledge Society
The Knowledge Economy
Post-Soviet higher education dynamics in context
Conceptual mapping
Conclusion: Reconciling the (post-)Soviet with the Global

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