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Statutes and Decisions

The Laws of the USSR and Its Successor States

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cover page

Statutes and Decisions: The Laws of the USSR and Its Successor States documents the dynamic change in the legal regimes of the post-Soviet states. It serves as a unique repository of law-related materials for anyone studying the USSR successor states. The journal publishes high-quality translations of the following materials previously unavailable in English:
1. A body of law
2. Unpublished legal documents and/or their drafts
3. Legal and judicial practice, including dissenting judicial opinions
4. Scholarly commentary on legal reforms
5. Reactions to legal reforms in mass media

Recent Series Topics

To provide comprehensive coverage of rapid legal change in the post-Soviet region, the journal volumes consist of thematic series. Expert introductions in each issue of the journal orient the readers in each theme. Occasionally, the journal features special guest editors who place covered themes in context. Recent series topics include:
1. The ongoing criminal justice reform in Kazakhstan (volume 49 -)
2. The latest round of police reform in Russia (volumes 46, 4 – 48, 6)
3. Decision-making of the Ukrainian Constitutional Court on the issues of separation of powers during Yushchenko’s presidency (volumes 44, 3 – 46, 3)
4. Decisions of the Congresses of Judges of Ukraine on the issue of political interference in the judiciary during Yushchenko’s presidency (volume 44, 1-2) professional ethics for attorneys in Russia (volume 43, 2-6)
5. Law on extremist activity in Russia (volume 43, 1-2)


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