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Seeing Through the Eyes of the Polish Revolution

Solidarity and the Struggle Against Communism in Poland

by: Jack M. Bloom
published by
: Brill
pp: 440
ISBN: 9789004231801
price: $ 167

Book's frontpage

In 1980 Polish workers astonished the world by demanding and winning an independent union with the right to strike, called Solidarity - the beginning of the end of the Soviet empire.
Jack M. Bloom's Seeing Through the Eyes of the Polish Revolution explains how it happened, from the imposition to Communism to its end, based on 150 interviews of Solidarność leaders, activists, supporters and opponents. Bloom presents the perspectives and experiences of these participants. He shows how an opposition was built, the battle between Solidarność and the ruling party, the conflicts that emerged within each side during this tense period, how Solidarność survived the imposition of martial law and how the opposition forced the government to negotiate itself out of power.


About the author

Jack Bloom is Associate Professor of Sociology and Adjunct Associate Professor of Minority Studies and of History at Indiana University Northwest.

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