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Workshop - "Researching European Integration: EU Enlargement and Democratic Consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe"

Venue: University of Leicester
Period: June 10-14, 2013
Brief Description: the University of Leicester is organizing a workshop on EU enlargement and democratic consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Aims of the workshop

The workshop is designed to bring together students researching European integration with special reference to EU enlargement and democratic consolidation. Projects may focus, for example, on either new member states, candidate/potential candidate states or countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy. Sessions will focus strongly on student participation, although there will also be some presentations on methodological issues, and on the final day participants will be invited to the conference "Turning Points: EU Enlargement and Democratic Consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe". Contributions may be offered in three forms:

1.    Advanced PhD students, who have already conducted some original research, will have the opportunity to give a presentation of about 30 minutes, followed by extended discussion. Papers of 4,000-8,000 words should be circulated to participants in advance

2.    PhD students who are not in a position to give a full paper may give a 10 minute presentation, introducing their research and some of the challenges it presents.

3.    Some places will be available for MA students or others preparing a PhD proposal in the subject area, who wish to discuss their ideas with academics and more advanced PhD students.


Subject to availability of places, the workshop is open applicants both from the University of Leicester and from elsewhere. Participation is free of charge, but we do ask that all participants should attend for the full week. Free accommodation can be provided in Leicester for a limited number of applications, and 8 travel bursaries of 150 euros will be available, primarily for participants from partner universities, but other applicants from Central and Eastern Europe may be considered.  

How to apply

If you would like to apply, please fill in the registration form, available at the bottom of this page, including an abstract of your area of interest, and return to Karen Henderson, from whom further information may also be obtained.  Workshop places, accommodation and travel bursaries will be allocated to applicants who email their registration form by 27 April 2013 on the basis of their abstract and the need to balance subject areas and contributions of participants. Any remaining places, accommodation or bursaries will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


Information & contacts

Karen Henderson

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