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Call for Papers: Music and armed conflicts after 1945

Deadline for submitting abstracts: Oct. 15, 2012
Deadline for submitting full papers
: Jan. 31, 2013

Description of the Event

The journal "Transposition. Musique et sciences sociales" is calling for papers on the topic of "Music and armed conflicts after 1945". The role of music in legitimizing, commenting, pacifying of fomenting armed conflict has analyzed espeially concerning the two World Wars. On the other hand contemporary armed conflicts have not received enough attention by scholars. Thus, the forth issue of Transposition will focus of the relationship between music and armed conflicts from 1945 onwards, which will include civil wars in third world countries, decolonization wars, protracted conflicts such as the Israeli-Palestininan conflict, wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo and Chechnya. This issue will be addressed from an interdisciplinary point of view through musical analysis, political sociology, social history, geopolitics and anthropology.
The Editorial Board encourages authors to adopt a comparative approach in order to identify the role of different actors (musicians, civil society actors, armed groups) in different historical and geopolitical contexts. The aim of this issue of Transposition is to testify the diversity of forms and use of music in contemporary armed conflict and to study the role of music in fostering of bringing to an end armed conflicts.

Eligible topics for the conference

Among the ideas concerning the relationship between music and armed conflicts, the following issues have been identified:

  • Using music to mediatise and talk about war
  • The role of music in the recruitment of child soldiers
  • The use of music technology in military actions’ improvement
  • The identification process engaged by music in the battlefield
  • The use of mass media in broadcasting armed conflicts’ music
  • The mobilization of music in humanitarian intervention
  • The involvement of music in peace process
  • The place of music in military research on torture
  • The use of music as a marker of identity (particularly in order to designate the enemy)
  • The role of music in massacres and mass killings
  • The relationship between music and social memory of atrocities or hopes raised by contemporary armed conflicts

The originality and research approaches, rather in a comparative perspective, will be however a criterion for publication.

Guidelines for submission

Paper proposals must be sent by October 15 and, if accepted, full papers must be submitted by the end of January 2013. Papers can be written in English or French. Submission guidelines are available at this link.


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