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Wednesday June 29, 2022
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Summer School "Global Governance: international organisations in crisis"

Venue: London (UK)
Period: Jul. 23 - Aug. 12, 2012
Application deadline: Jun. 2, 2012
Brief description: Has global governance backfired? Conflict and dislocation, social protest and poverty borne out of a series of profound economic and political blunders, have exposed the inability of international organisations in their present form to mitigate national and regional crises.The aim of this course is to expose the necessary reforms required of ASEAN, the EU and the UN. It looks at the historical origins, contemporary institutional and policy debates with a comparative and lesson-learning approach, previously exclusively reserved for studies of the nation-state.

Read the full description of the Summer School on PECOB

How to apply to the Summer School



General admission criteria can be summarized as follows: 

- Have undertaken a year's university level study;
- Have a cumulative high university grade in your national university system, for example in the UK within the 2:1 bracket or in the US a GPA of 3.3 or above;
- Have met our minimum English language requirements if English is not your first language.

Further details are available on King's College website.
Applicants who do not meet the requirements but believe that they will benefit from attending the Summer School should contact the organizers to get advice.

Application Procedure

Applicants can access the online application procedure by following this link.


Information & contacts

Dr. Diana Bozhilova AKC
Visiting Research Fellow, King's College London

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