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Revista Romana de Studii Eurasiatice

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Revista Română de Studii Eurasiatice (Romanian Review of Eurasian Studies) is a publication of the Eurasian Studies Center, Ovidius University of Constanţa, România. R.R.S.E. is a peer-reviewed journal which appears once a year (two numbers in an annual volume) at the Publishing House "Ovidius" University Press, Constanţa.
The main thematic directions of the R.R.S.E. are: the political institutionalization of the Eurasian space, with all its dimensions; relations between the states and nations of the Central and Eastern European countries and the Black Sea area with states in Asia; mental structures and image of in the Eurasian space; search for historical roots of political and economic phenomena and processes from current Eurasian space.
The journal is largely distributed both in Romania and in prestigious universities and research centres in Europe, Asia and  USA.
Starting with 2011 the Journal has been scientifically evaluated by the National Research Council (RO - CNCS) as "C" category.
The recognition of the positive role of RRSE within the Eurasian debates has also been confirmed by its introduction in various international databases, such as: CEEOL (Central and Eastern Online Library), WorldCat, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek - ZDB Database, University Library of Regensburg, Library of the University of Groningen, ZDB, Bayerische StaatsBibliotek, ViFaOst Virtual Library Eastern Europe
Starting with Year VII, No.1-2/2011, the journal has been included in the Ebsco database.

Editorial board

Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Flaut, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Eurasian Studies Center, Faculty of History and Political Sciences, "Ovidius" University of Constanta.
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Iolanda Tighiliu, PhD, Professor, Faculty of History and Political Sciences, "Ovidius" University of Constanta.
Editorial Secretary: Enache Tusa, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of History and Political Sciences, "Ovidius" University of Constanta.

Advisory board

Muhammad Aydogdiyev, PhD, Professor, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Ion Bulei, PhD, Professor, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest; Director of the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest
Constantin Buşe, PhD, Professor, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest; Director of Euro-Atlantic Studies Centre, University of Bucharest
Gheorghe Buzatu, PhD, Professor, Faculty of History and Political Sciences, Ovidius" University of Constanta; Member of the Center of European History and Civilization, Romanian Academy, Iasi branch
Ioan Chiper, PhD, Professor, Faculty of History, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Bucharest; Member of Arbeitskreis für Siebenbürg5sche Landeskunde e.v. Heidelberg/ Scchloss Hornack, Guldsheim/Neckar, Germany
Stephen Fischer-Galaţi, PhD, Professor, Department of History, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA;  founder of the journal East European Quarterly
Dinu C. Giurescu,  PhD,  Member of the Romanian Academy
Yusuf Halacoglu,  PhD, Professor, Ankara, Turkey
Constantin Hlihor, PhD, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of History, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University
Marian Moşneagu, PhD,  Serviciul istoric al Armatei,  Bucharest
Ioan Scurtu, PhD, Professor, Faculty of International Relations, History and Philosophy, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest; President of History and Archaeology Section, Academy of Romanian Scientists
Alexandru Suceveanu, PhD, Professor, President of the National Commission of Archaeology, Bucharest
Jacques Thobie,  PhD, Professor, Université Paris VIII, France
Kanji Tsushima, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Romania  (2006-2008)
Wang Weikun, PhD, Professor, Xian, China


Centrul de Studii Eurasiatice (Eurasian Studies Center), ''Ovidius" University of Constanta, Romania

  • Romanian
  • English
  • French

2005-2008: freely available
2008-2011: abstract available


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