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Call for Papers - Translation in Iberian-Slavonic cultural exchange

Deadline for submitting abstracts: Apr. 25, 2012
Deadline for submitting full papers: Dec. 31, 2012

Description of the call

In 2013 IberoSlavica will publish a special issue on translation in Iberian-Slavonic cultural exchange. The issue is meant to explore the complex causes, conditions and consequences of direct and indirect translation transfer between Iberian (e.g., Catalan, Castilian, Galician, Portuguese) and Slavonic (e.g., Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Ukrainian, etc.) languages.
IberoSlavica is an international peer-reviewed journal published annually and bringing to the fore the complex issues inherent in the encounters between Iberian and Slavonic cultures.

Eligible topics

This issue on “Translation in Iberian-Slavonic cultural exchange” invites contributions focusing on the mapping and analysis of the translation exchange between Iberian and Slavonic cultures. Contributions focused on empirical issues and based on both panoramic and single case studies are especially welcome.
The studies can refer to various text types, Iberian-Slavonic language pairs, degrees of directness and translation directions. Contributions on theoretical or methodological questions related to the study of translation in Iberian-Slavonic transfer are also welcome.
While the focus of this issue is on translation in Iberian-Slavonic cultural exchange, panoramic studies regarding general translation flow from Iberian or Slavonic cultures into central intermediary cultures, as well as contributions on theoretical and methodological issues concerning the indirect translation and the power relations between the European cultural centres and peripheries (as reflected in translation flow), will also be considered.

Guidelines for submission

Authors should follow these guidelines:

  • The length of an article is between 5000 and 8000 words;
  • All articles must be submitted in English after having been proofread by an English native speaker;
  • All articles submitted must be original and unpublished material;
  • Articles should follow the style sheet and template available from the editors;
  • Abstracts should be submitted to both guest editors, i.e., Teresa Seruya and Hanna Pięta, at and, as well as to the journal’s editor-in-chief, i.e., Beata Cieszyńska, at;
  • The submitted text will be double-blind peer-reviewed.


Information & contacts

Teresa Seruya
Guest editor - IberoSlavica

Hanna Pięta
Guest editor - IberoSlavica


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