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Bilingualism and migration in different Russian speaking settings

Двуязычие и миграции в русскоязычных общностях

September 2011 | #15

by: Monica Perotto
pp: 21
ISSN: 2038-632X

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The aim of this research project ("Bilingualism and migration in different Russian speaking settings") is analyzing contemporary Russian speaking communities in different social and linguistic settings in order to identify divergent or common features, concerning language maintenance vs. decay, group integration (or assimilation) vs. insertion without integration.
The method of Linguistic Landscape, which is here applied to these two settings, gave interesting results. The same survey has been developed in Brighton Beach (New York, USA) and Petah-Tiqwa (Tel Aviv, Israel) in order to focus on the vitality of Russian language in these areas. The settings showed very interesting similar linguistic attitudes, the presence of Russian language at the bottom up level and the diastratic distribution of this language in different age groups, with bilingualism and code mixing more developed between the youth.
Russian Jewish migration is evolving to a transnational model, whose typical characteristics are pragmatic linguistic and non religious attitudes.



emigration, bilingualism, linguistic landscape, Russian diaspora, language policy

Table of contents

1. Анализ языковой политики в Израиле и проблема интеграции русскоязычной диаспоры
2. Анализ русского лингвистического ландшафта города Петах-Тиква
3. Анализ русского лингвистического ландшафта в Брайтон-Бич

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