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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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Job: Amnesty International Researcher with the Balkan Team

Job Site: London (England)
Period: Full time, permanent position
Deadline for submitting application: Jun. 15, 2011

As Amnesty International's lead expert on specific countries or other geographical or thematic areas, to lead on the development and implementation of overarching research and campaigning strategies to deliver impact in relation to agreed priorities, providing research expertise, research management, political judgment and analytical, communication and representational skills. 

In this position, you will report to: Programme Director / Deputy Programme Director. This post has no line management responsibility. However, the researcher participates in the coordination of the work of the team, other participants in research and campaigning projects, temporary staff and team volunteers. 

Other key relationships: The researcher works in close collaboration with the campaigner and the research and campaign assistant and, where relevant, other posts in the International Secretariat and in the Amnesty International movement.

Job Description

-To lead on the development and implementation of overarching research and campaigning strategies to deliver impact in relation to agreed priorities on specific countries or other geographical or thematic areas, including strategies to identify the most effective ways to address human rights concerns; and to lead on designing specific projects and producing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating plans for both these and initiatives originated by others.

-To monitor, research, investigate and analyze human rights-related developments in order to provide timely, accurate, independent and impartial assessments and expert advice on the human rights situation in the relevant countries or other geographical or thematic areas

-To organize, take part in and lead, where agreed, field research and other missions, leading specifically on information-gathering, fact-finding, analysis and assessment of human rights concerns, including in response to crisis situations; prepare, where necessary, security assessments, political and other briefings in relation to the mission for International Secretariat management, mission participants and internal or external stakeholders; and represent Amnesty International in the field

-To represent Amnesty International to external stakeholders, including in governmental, inter-governmental and various public forums, as well as to all forms of news media, civil society organizations and political, economic and other actors; and to communicate Amnesty International's concerns, positions and, where relevant, campaign strategies to external and internal stakeholders

-To develop and maintain effective constituencies of public and confidential contacts and partners in and outside the organization - such as human rights activists, members of legal and other professions, United Nations agencies and governmental representatives - to optimize information gathering and verification and the development and implementation of effective strategies and plans

-To write reports and other materials for publication and internal use and contribute to and provide expert advice in relation to written and other materials produced by other programmes

-To manage research, oversee the research work carried out by the team and others and, as appropriate, to contribute to the selection of external consultants and supervise, support, coordinate and provide expert advice on their work

-To contribute to the development and maintenance of an effective information management system

-To contribute to the development of programme-wide strategies and plans for research and campaigning and provide input into internal discussions on the Amnesty International mission, policy, organizational and other issues in order to increase the effectiveness of Amnesty International's work

-In consultation with management, to participate in the coordination of the work of the team, including through setting priorities, preparing work plans, monitoring their progress and contributing to maintaining basic budgets

-To contribute to the overall flexibility of resource use and provide cover for other programme staff as agreed with management

-To perform all necessary administrative tasks to ensure effective self-servicing, participate in the recruitment and induction of new staff and consultants and perform other corporate tasks as appropriate.

Skills and Experience Needed


  • Proven experience of undertaking research on human rights or related issues;
  • Specialist knowledge and preferably first hand experience of the geographical and/or thematic areas in your brief and an in-depth understanding of the nature of key human rights concerns, as well as political, social, legal, economic, cultural, ethnic, racial and gender issues in them;
  • Ability to exercise good political judgment, thorough analysis and diplomacy;
  • Ability to develop effective strategies to impact on human rights in the region;
  • Ability to represent Amnesty International to external stakeholders; and to communicate Amnesty International's concerns, positions and, where relevant, strategies to external and internal stakeholders;
  • Proven experience of writing research materials for a variety of audiences;
  • Ability to understand and express ideas in English and, at least one of Bosnian or Croatian, in a fluent, clear and concise way, both orally and in writing; draft text in a variety of styles, e.g. documents such as substantial reports, government correspondence and media and action materials is required;
  • Ability to deal in a sensitive and understanding manner with a variety of people, including survivors of human rights violations and others who may be distressed;
  • Experience of working in a team and understanding of the importance of efficient communications for the coordination and effective functioning of teams;
  • Demonstrated commitment to human rights, e.g. through previous work, membership of an organization, involvement in advocacy of human rights, etc.;
  • Experience of managing conflicting demands, meeting deadlines and adjusting priorities;
  • Ability and willingness to undertake personal administrative tasks in accordance with Amnesty International's guidelines on self-servicing;
  • Understanding of equal opportunities, cultural diversity and gender issues as well as a commitment to apply relevant policies.


Guidelines for submission

The application for this position must be done online at the Amnesty Interational site




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