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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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Cha(lle)nging Democracy at the Beginning of 21st Century

Conference venue: Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
Period: Oct. 27 - 29, 2011
Deadline for submitting abstracts: Apr. 15, 2011

Description of the Conference

The conference Cha(lle)nging Democracy at the Beginning of 21st Century invites contributors to explore these questions and many others by examining both the fundaments of democracy as a political system and the vernacular manifestations of democratic thinking.
We welcome contributions from various fields – political philosophy, political theory, legal theory, critical thinking, managerial democracy, media, sociology, etc. – that take into account new trends in contemporary democracies that must be acknowledged and assessed against the background of the democratic ideals.

Eligible topics for the conference

Papers will be especially appreciated in the following areas each containing specific (but not exclusive) issues and questions:

  • (Re)thinking Public Reason
  • The Democratic State and Religion
  • The Interplay between Democracy and Education
  • "Deliberative turn" of Democracy
  • Democracies in Central and Eastern Europe
  • (Re)shaping democracy


Guidelines for submission

Contributors should send an abstract of 200-300 words and a brief CV (not exceeding one A4 page) which must include title(s), institutional affiliation and address.
All submissions should be sent to the following address:


Information & contacts

Prof. dr. Andrei Marga
Prof. dr. Ladislau Gyemant
Prof. dr. Michael Shafir



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