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Regional Initiatives and Multilateral Cooperation in the Balkans

by: Lopandić Duško, Kronja Jasminka
original title: Regionalne inicijative i multilateralna saradnja na Balkanu (In Serbian)
published by: European Movement in Serbia
pp: 316
ISBN: 978-86-82391-54-8
price: Free

Book's frontpage

The book represents an updated version of Duško Lopandić’s book “Regional Initiatives in South-East Europe”, which was originally published in 2001 by the European Movement in Serbia and the Institute for International Politics and Economics in Belgrade. The new edition offers a clear, interesting and comprehensive perspective on the development of a complex structure of multilateral cooperation in South-East Europe in an increasing number of fields. Moreover, the authors offer their evaluation of the processes in question and propose possible directions for further development of regional multilateralism in this geographic area. 


Table of contents

Forward by Jelica Minic
General view of the development of multilateral cooperation in the balkans
I. Introduction
Ii. Regional initiatives in the balkans
Iii. Historical overview

Review of initiatives for multilateral cooperation in the south eastern europe
1. South eastern europe cooperation process seecp
2. Stability pact for south eastern europe
3. Regional cooperation council - rcc
4. Central european free trade association – cefta
5. Central european initiative – cei
6. Black sea economic cooperation
7. Adriatic ionian initiative
8. Danube cooperation
Thematic overview of the cooperation in the balkans
2. Investment and infrastructure
3. Democracy and social development
4. Freedom, justice and security
Towards europe: european union and the balkans
1. Interests of the european union and development of the balkans
2. Review of the bilateral relations between european union and individual  balkan countries
3. Regional initiatives of the european union in the balkans
4. Regional cooperation in the saa
5. Regional aspects of the eu financial support
6. Regional projects involving eu
7. Conclusion of the part four

General conclusion
Regional cooperation in the balkans in 21 century
Some important documents on the balkan cooperation



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