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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

Isabella Intelisano's profile

Affiliation: «Tor Vergata» Rome University
Address: Via della Grazia, 3
40131 - Bologna - Italy
Tel.: 0039 - 051 - 0970791
Mobile: 0039 - 348 - 3131013
Fax: 0039 - 051 - 0970791


Main scientific activities

  • Isabella Intelisano took her degree (an equivalent of the American Master of Arts) in Russian Language and Literature at Bologna University in 2004. She wrote a thesis in the area of Slavonic philology, concerning biblical quotations in the correspondence between Ivan IV «the Terrible» and Prince Kubskij. Her main objective was to study how such quotations were used as a polemic instrument. During her university years, she attended a specialization course at Saint-Petersburg Centre for Russian language and culture (Tsentr Russkogo Jazyka i Kul’tury) and a three-years course in biblical exegesis at the School of Biblical Studies led by the Italian Evangelical Church. For a few years she has been employed as a teacher of Russian, English and Italian as a second language, both in state schools and in centres for adult education. More recently, she has improved her linguistic knowledge by attending courses at Idaho State University (USA) and Cracow School of contemporary languages (PROLOG, Szkola języków obcych, Kraków, Poland). At present, she is engaged in a Master of English Teaching organized by «Tor Vergata» Rome University.

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