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Tuesday July 16, 2024
Testata per la stampa

Postcard from the grave (in Italian)

by: Emir Suljagić
translated by: Alice Parmeggiani
original title: "Cartolina dalla fossa"
published by: Beit
pp: 272
ISBN: 978-88-95324-13-5
price: € 20.00

Book's frontpage

This is the first account of the siege of Srebrenica, prelude to the most ruthless genocide perpetrated in Europe since the end of World War II, with the collusion of the United Nations and Europe. The book recounts the absurdity of daily life in the besieged enclave until July 11, 1995 when 30,000 unarmed refugees were handed over to their executioners by the very UN troops that were supposed to protect them: thus over 8000 innocent men and boys were murdered in cold blood, and their bodies were thrown into mass graves and then reported missing to erase any trace. Today the sites of the massacre appear anonymous and abandoned, but the name of Srebrenica recalls a crime that we cannot forget. 

The diary of a life in Srebrenica before the tragedy, the historic images of those crucial days, the contributions of experts and scholars and a chronology that retraces the most important events of the conflict in Bosnia from 1992 to the days of the massacre. The book ends with photographs of the massacre sites as they appear today, in a state of abandonment that expresses the pain of an indelible trauma.





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