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A Crossroads of Cultures (in Italian)

by: Richard J. Crampton
translated by: Alessandro Sfrecola
original title: "Bulgaria. Crocevia di culture"
published by: Beit
pp: 320
ISBN: 978-8895324-11-1
price: € 20.00

Book's frontpage

In 2007 Bulgaria became part of the European Union, but the course of this country in the heart of the Balkans, forever caught between two empires, the Russian and Turkish one, is one of the most troubled and least known in European history.
This introduction to the history of Bulgaria, for centuries at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, extensively covers its ancient and recent history up until the latest years of transition, economic reform and entry into the European Union.


Table of contents

Preface to the Second Edition

Notes on Bulgarian pronunciation

From Prehistory to the Arrival of the Bulgars

Medieval Bulgaria (681-1393)

The Bulgarian Lands under Ottoman Rule

National Rebirth and Liberation

Consolidation of the Bulgarian State (1878-1896)

Ferdinand’s Personal Rule (1896-1918)

Bulgaria between 1918 and 1944

Bulgaria under Communist Rule (1944-1989)

Post-Communist Bulgaria (1990-


Appendices: Bulgaria’s Sovereigns and Prime Ministers





Index of Maps


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