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The Country that was Reborn (in Italian)

by: Jerzy Lukowski and Hubert Zawadzki
translated by: Silvia Zirone
original title: "Polonia. Il paese che rinasce"
published by: Beit
pp: 400
ISBN: 978-88-95324-07-4
price: € 20.00

Book's frontpage

One of the youngest, most surprising and dynamic countries of the new European Union, with a passionate and dramatic history marked by periods of great expansion (the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of 1569-1791), with a territory extending from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea) followed by partitions at the end of the 1700s which erased Poland from the maps and created a wound that remained open in the heart of Europe for the entire 19th century.
And then, after the unheard of suffering caused by the two world wars, Poland resurrected, the hopes of being reborn crushed under Russian-Soviet hegemony, the ferment of renewal in the Poland of Solidarity, the new republic (January, 1990), structural reforms, joining Europe, the economic boom and the prospect of imminent entry into the Euro zone.
A new and precise portrait, arriving with the latest disconcerting developments in Poland’s recent history.


Table of contents

Introduction to the second English edition
Introduction to the first English edition
Notes on Polish pronunciation
First part. Poland until 1795
Piast Poland (=-1385)
Jagiellonian Poland (1386-1572)
The Commonwealth of the two nations (1572-1795)
Second part. Poland after 1795
Challenging the partitions (1795-1864)
An era of transformation (1865-1914)
Independence regained and lost (1914-1945)
Communism and the Cold War (1945-1989)
A New Republic (1989-2005) 
Epilogue by Marcello Flores
Genealogical charts of Polish rulers
I. The Polish Sovereigns: the Piast dynasty
II. The Jagiellonians: King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania
III. Rulers elected by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
IV. Rulers of the partitioned Polish territories

List of Heads of State, Presidents, Communist Party leaders (1918-2005)



Index of Names, places and things


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