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From red to orange revolution (in Italian)

by: Katrin Boeckh and Ekkehard Völkl
translated by:  Piero Budinich, Gabriella Bossi and Rebecca Sandrigo
original title: "Ucraina: dalla rivoluzione rossa alla rivoluzione arancione"
published by: Beit
pp: 344
ISBN: 978-88-95324-09-8
price: € 24.00

Book's frontpage

In 1991 Ukraine left the Soviet Union and declared its own independence. Although it is located on the EU’s borders, it only drew the West’s attention after the revolutions of 2004-2005, which showed its critical situation between the influence of its neighbour Russia and that of the European Union and the United States.

A country with an area double the size of Italy, with extraordinary geographical and human variety and a recent past marked by terrible tragedy (the collectivization of agriculture, World War II, and in 1986 the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear station). Today, as the ferment of democracy and the prospect of new relations with the European Union develops, an extraordinary geopolitical experiment is under way in Ukraine which portends many discoveries and surely some surprises.


Table of contents

Notes on Ukrainian pronunciation
Natural Environment and Basic Economic Structure
From the Proclamation of the Ukrainian State to Anarchy (1917-1921)
The Interwar Period (1922-1939)
World War II (1939-1945)
Ukraine after World War II (1946-1953)

Autonomist Aspirations Between the Thaw and Post-Thaw (1953-1989)
Post-Socialism (1989-2004)
The Orange Era (2004-…)
Epilogue by Giulia Lami
Index of Names
Index of Places
Index of Maps 
Sources of Illustrations


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