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Monday December 06, 2021
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Turkey's friends and the international debate on the Armenian Genocide

In the framework of the South Caucasus Project - launched in 2007 - during 2009 the European Stability Initiative (ESI) published some reports argumenting about Turkish-Armenian relations. In April 2009 ESI published the report Noah’s Dove Returns. Armenia, Turkey and the Debate on Genocide, followed by an opinion piece Red herrings in Turkish-Armenian relations in June and Turkey-Armenia: the Great Debate in August.
Five main arguments constituted the core of these ESI publications: Turkish "genocide diplomacy", pursued since the early 1980s, has failed and is hurting Turkish interests; refering to 1915 as a genocide does not single out Turkey; international genocide resolutions do not throw into question the current Turkish-Armenian border; they do not pave the way for compensation claims against the Turkish state; and the passage of genocide resolutions has actually coincided with rising respect for Turkey's role in the world.

Read the report "Noah’s Dove Returns. Armenia, Turkey and the Debate on Genocide" [EN]
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Read the report "Turkey-Armenia: the Great Debate" [EN]


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