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Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle

Cyprus, Greece and Turkey

edited by: Ayhan Aktar, Niyazi Kızılyürek and Umut Özkırımlı
published by: Palgrave Macmillan
pp: 304
ISBN: 9780230579156
price: € 73,98

Book's frontpage

Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle is the first systematic study of nationalism in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey from a comparative perspective. Bringing scholars from Greece, Turkey and both sides of Cyprus (and beyond) together, the book provides a critical account of nation-building processes and nationalist politics in all three countries.


Table of contents

Foreword, A. Aktar, N. Kızılyürek & U. Özkırımlı

J. Breuilly, Bringing History back into Nationalism?

Turkish and Greek Nationalisms: Past and Present
A. Aktar, Conversion of 'Country' into a 'Fatherland': The Case of Turkification Examined, 1923-1934
S. Aydın, The Use and Abuse of Archaeology and Anthropology in Formulating Turkish National Narrative
G. G. Özdoğan, Turkish Nationalism Reconsidered: The 'Heaviness' of State-patriotism in Nation-Building
R. Hirschon, Dismantling the Millet: Religion and National Identity in Contemporary Greece
S. A. Sofos & U. Özkırımlı, Nationalism in Greece and Turkey: Modernity, Enlightenment, Westernization
K. Zanou, The Case of Andrea Mustoxidi and the Early-Nineteenth-Century Heptanesians of Italy
G. İnanç, Narratives of Diplomats: Representations of Nationalism and of Turkish Foreign Policy in Cyprus, 1970-1991
H. Tzimitras, Alternative Forms of Nationalism: Superiority through Law in Greek Foreign Policy

Nationalism in Cyprus: Past and Present

M. Michael, History, Myth and Nationalism: The Retrospective Force of National Roles through Mythical Past
A. Nevzat, Securing the Office of Müftü: Nationalism, Religion, and the Turks of Cyprus
N. Kızılyürek, Rauf Denktaş: Fear and Nationalism in Turkish Cypriot Community
S. Anagnostopoulou, The Complexities of Greek Nationalism in its Cypriot Version
C. Mavratsas, The Referendum of April 24, 2004
S. Tombazos, AKEL: Between Nationalism and 'Anti-imperialism'


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