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Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics

The face of Europe has been transformed by the demise of the Soviet Union and the collapse of communist party rule in Eastern Europe. Within a series of countries, some of them erstwhile members of a Soviet bloc, others once part of the Soviet Union itself, a deep process of adjustment is under way. Retitled to reflect these far-reaching changes, The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics devotes particular attention to this truly epochal process of regime change, including in its material contributions from within the affected societies. At the same time, it follows the effects of this upheaval on communist parties, ruling and non-ruling, both in Europe and in the wider world.

Editorial board

David S. Bell - University of Leeds, UK
Terry N. Clark - Creighton University, USA
Rita di Leo - La Sapienza University, Italy
Jane Duckett - University of Glasgow, UK
Tuomas Forsberg - University of Helsinki, Finland
Stanislaw Gebethner - University of Warsaw, Poland
Graeme Gill - University of Sydney, Australia
Bülent Gökay - Keele University, UK
Jeffrey W. Hahn - Villanova University, USA
Eugene Huskey - Stetson University, USA
Andras Körösényi - Eötvös University, Budapest
Olga Kryshtanovskaya - Institute of Sociology, Moscow
Kimitako Matsuzato - Hokkaido University, Japan
Daniel N. Nelson - University of New Haven, USA
Tony Saich - Harvard University, USA
Richard Sakwa - University of Kent, UK
Raymond Taras - Tulane University, USA
Heinz Timmermann - German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Germany
Michael E. Urban - University of California at Santa Cruz, USA


  • English



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