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East, rivista internazionale di geopolitica
European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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East European Politics and Societies

East European Politics and Societies covers issues in Eastern Europe from social, political, and economic perspectives. The journal focuses on expanding readers' understanding of past events and current developments in countries from Greece to the Baltics.
East European Politics and Societies maintains a tradition of imaginative and erudite vision, uniting the cutting-edge social research and political analysis of leading area specialists, historians, economists, political scientists and anthropologists from around the world.

Editorial board

Ivo Banac, Yale University
Irena Grudzinska-Gross, Princeton University
Vladimir Tismaneanu, University of Maryland
Shlomo Avineri, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
C. Wendy, Bracewell University College London
Valerie Bunce, Cornell University
Clare Cavanagh, Northwestern University
Daniel Chirot, University of Washington, Seattle
Susan Gal, University of Chicago
Jan T. Gross, Princeton University
Michael Heim, UCLA
Michael Kennedy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement
Gail Kligman, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Ivan Krastev, Centre for Liberal Strategies
Jan Kubik, Rutgers University
Madeline G. Levine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Noel Malcolm, University of Oxford
Norman Naimark, Stanford University
David Ost Hobart, William Smith Colleges
Serhii Plokhii, Harvard University
Ilya Prizel, University of Pittsburgh
Jacques Rupnik, Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales (CERI), Paris
Timothy Snyder, Yale University
Ivan Szelenyi, Yale University
Vladimir Tismaneanu, University of Maryland
Andrzej Tymowski American Council of Learned Societies
Larry Wolff, New York University
Jasmina Besirevic-Regan, Yale University
Daniel Pennell, University of Pittsburgh
Andrzej Tymowski, American Council of Learned Societies


  • English

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