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Democratization in post-communist transition processes in the 1990s

Lights and shadows

edited by: Anna Krasteva and Francesco Privitera
published by: A. Longo editore
pp: 192
ISBN: 9788880635321
price: € 25.00

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Post-communism has been the dominant political factor of the 1990s of the XX century in eastern Europe as a part of the post-cold order redefinition of Europe.

This book, as part of a series of four, is the attempt by a group of scholars belonging to different disciplines to analyse from an inner point of view the most crucial achievements which have been got by a representantive of ECE and SEE countries during the 1990s, marking their own transition processes and making then possible positive outcomes.
The book try to explains with a series of different case studies why in post-communist transition processes the nature of the changes invested all the pillars of a political society, from a new state building process, to the national identity; from the achievement of a new sovereignity to the inclusion into the globalization flows; from centralization processes to new forms of decentralization.


Table of Contents

Preface by Francesco Privitera

Anna Krasteva, The post-Communist Political Conflict
Rudolf M. Rizman,Towards Democratic Consolidation (The case of Slovenia)
Adéla Seidlová and Martin Vyšín, New Czech Political Elite
Monika Ewa Kaminska, The Reform of the Public Administration in Poland: Devolution and self-Government
Camelia Beciu, Transition and Social Conflict in Romania
Igor Munteanu, Reforms against the Disintegration of the State in Moldova
Zarije Seizović, Human Rights Protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the light of its Constitutional Reform
Dušan Janjić, Overdue Serbia
Deema Kaneff, Global Policies, Local Solutions: the Value of Local Studies



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