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New threats to stability in the Yugoslav successor states

The article "New threats to stability in the Yugoslav successor states" was written by Prof. Stefano Bianchini for the journal International Affairs - Forum. The Balkans was the focus of the Fall 2009 special report of IA-Forum, an issue combining articles with interviews to well-known scholars and diplomats to analyze and generate discussion on today Balkan countries.

Prof. Bianchini's article focuses on growing social and political tensions in the Balkans as a consequence of the world economic crisis, the main argument being the negative impact on the future stability of the region given by the weakening of conditionality from the part of the European Union. 

IA-Forum special report: table of contents

  • Zhidas Daskalovski, "Macedonia: Challenges Ahead"
  • Interview with Thomas P. Melady, "Obama to hold steady in Balkans"
  • Interview with Charles Ingrao, "Balkans Scholar's Initiative works to confront the past"
  • Natasha Srdoc, "Combating corruption in SE Europe: A principled role for NATO"
  • Daniel Korski, "The EU's illiberal Balkan friends"
  • Jelena Subotic, "Without addressing the past, reconciliation in the Balkans is fleeting"
  • Dragan Stavljanin, "Unfinished business in the Balkans"
  • Interview with Jose-Luis Herrero, "OSCE working to address unfinished business on inter-ethnic relations"
  • Richard Giwan, "Kosovo and the Balkans: still global issues"
  • Stefano Bianchini, "New threats to stability in the Yugoslav successor states"
  • Robert Hislope, "Please call me by my name"
  • Lynellyn Long, "Trafficking trends and challenges in Southeastern Europe"
  • Interview with Delio E. Gianturco, "Time right for new Bretton Woods"
  • Interview with Dr. Harris Mylonas, "What's in a name? Quite a lot actually"
  • Interview with Biljana Vankovska, "Despite relative stability, Kosovo still far from settled"
  • Interview with Dr. Nora Lustig, "Rethinking financial liberalization"
  • Interview with Dr. Terrence Guay, "G20 offers way forward in financial decision making"
  • Interview with Dr. Matthias Matthijs, "Everything up for grabs in wake of financial crisis"

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