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Latvian newspapers and magazines

Here you will find basic information about the most important Latvian newspapers and magazines, with direct links to their official websites.


Title in Russian: Час
Title in English: The Hour
Description: A Russian-language daily in Latvia. News and comments, business and crimes, international life, sports and culture. Archive from 1998.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 1998, freely available

Visit the website of Chas


Title in English: The Day
Description: One of the biggest Latvian dailies. The website provides access to all the publications of its current issue and search of its older issues.
Language: Latvian
Archive: since 2007, freely available

Visit the website of Diena

Latvijas Avize

Title in English: Newspaper of Latvia
Description: A Latvian national conservative daily. Only a brief presentation of the editor is available in English and Russian.
Language: Latvian, English, Russian
Archive: since 2003, freely available

Visit the website of Latvijas Avīze

Latvijas vestnesis

Title in English: The Latvian Herald
Description: The official paper of the Republic of Latvia. Publishes official information of the Latvian state. The website provides free access to all of its contents.
Language: Latvian
Archive: since 1995, freely available

Visit the website of Latvijas vēstnesis

Neatkariga Rita Avize

Title in English: Independent Morning Newspaper
Description: A Latvian daily. The website offers its latest issue. Previous publications are available through the search system.
Language: Latvian
Archive: freely available

Visit the website of Neatkarīga Rīta Avīze

Description: is a news website connected with the weeky magazine "Vesti". It offers news about currents events in Latvia and in the world. It provides free access to all its archived contents.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 2007, freely available

Visit the website of


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