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Radio and television channels

Here you will find basic information about Belarusian radio and television channels that dedicate particular attention to news and information.

Belarus state radio and television

Biełsat TV

Description: Biełsat TV è un canale televisivo satellitare polacco in lingua bielorussa appartenente alla TVP. È nato per fornire al pubblico bielorusso un'alternativa ai programmi della tv di stato bielorussa che spesso sono sottoposti a censure. È gestito da settanta giornalisti presenti in Polonia, Bielorussia e Lituania.
Languages: Belarusian

Ont - Channel 2

Description: This Tv channel has been founded in 2002 by decree of the president. The ministry of information still holds a majority of the company. The website offers free access to news clips.
Language: Russian
Archive: freely available, since 2003

Visit the website of Ont - Channel 2

Radio "Belarus"

Title in Belarusian: Радыё "Беларусь"
: The call sign of Radio Belarus has been present in the short waves on international air ever since May 11, 1962. Originally, the programs were broadcast in Belarusian only. In 1985, broadcasting in German was launched, and in 1998 its Russian and English versions followed. Since 2006 radio has started broadcasting in the Polish. 2010 saw the launch of French and Spanish-language programming, while in 2012 our first programs in Chinese were aired.
Today the station offers 16 hours of radio content in 8 languages and 22 hours of real-time online programming daily.
Languages: Russian, Belarusian, English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Chinese

Visit the website of Radio "Belarus"

Radio Liberty Belarus

Title in Belarusian: Радыё Свабода
Description:Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, thanks to its large network of correspondents, is one of the best sources of updated information about the area. It offers information both in English, and in the local languages. RFE/RL describes its mission as "to provide uncensored news and information to countries where a free press is either banned by the government or not fully established." It is sponsored by the American government.
Languages: Belarusian, English
Archive: since 2000, freely available

Visit the website of "Radio Liberty Belarus" in Belarusian
Visit the website of "Radio Liberty Belarus" in English

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