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Intensive summer course in Hungarian language and culture

Period: July 20 - Aug. 16, 2008 (120 lessons) 
             July 20 - Aug. 2 , 2008 (60 lessons)
Location: Debrecen (Hungary)

Program of studies

The course will have the following features:

  • 6 lessons a day, 45 minutes each
  • from beginner to advanced level
  • intermediary languages at beginner levels: English, German, French or Italian
  • additional programme: lectures and phonetics classes
  • groups of up to 12 students
  • written and oral placement tests at the beginning of the course
  • examination offered at the end of the course

During class, participants will discuss current issues in Hungarian and foreign languages dealing with the general theme "The Hungarian Language and Culture in Europe", focissing on literature, linguistics, history, economy, music, history of art.
At the end of each course students can take the Summer School exam free of charge. A certificate of attendance is given to students who attend at least 70% of the classes.

Cultural program

The course combines language instruction with extra-curricular activities to let participants familiarize with Hungarian culture. Cultural activities include:

  • film shows, concerts (classical, pop, rock)
  • folk-dance and folk-song learning; folk-song singing, poetry and prose recital competition
  • sightseeing in Debrecen
  • excursions every week-end (to visit historic sites and treasures of nature in Northern and Eastern Hungary)
  • sports facilities

If you are interested in the course, see how you can apply.


Debrecen Summer School

Information and contacts

Debrecen Summer School
Debreceni Nyári Egyetem,
H-4010, Debrecen, Pf. 35
tel. 0036.52.532594
fax. 0036.52.532595


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