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From Pyatigorsk to Mount Elbrus

All pictures were taken by Giorgio Comai, in May 2006 during a trip through the region. They include pictures concerning locations of naturalistic, historical, geopolitical, and literary interest.

01. Sanatorium "Iskra" in Pyatigorsk

A soviet style five-storey high buliding, unrenovated. The sanatorium's name, "Iskra", is written on top of the building and on the entrance.

Pyatigorsk, a famous holiday and health resort since the 19th century, still hosts a number of Soviet-time sanatoria.Foreign guests can stay only at the hotel "Inturist".

See the picture "Sanatorium "Iskra" in Pyatigorsk"


02. Pyatigorsk panoramic view

Panoramic view of Pyatigorsk taken from a hill. Houses are generally small.

While being relatively small in population, Pyatigorsk occupies a considerable area.

See the picture "Pyatigorsk panoramic view"


03. Kislovodsk mineral water fountains

Panoramic view of Pyatigorsk taken from a hill. Houses are generally small.

There are many spa resorts in the whole area. People can freely drink mineral water in these structures.

Kislovodsk mineral water fountains


04. Victory Day celebrations in Pyatigorsk

Many people stand in front of a memorial where war veterans are making patriotic speeches.

Victory Day is the main Russian state holiday. It commemorates Soviet victory in the second world war. Celebrations take place throughout the country.

See the picture "Victory Day celebrations in Pyatigorsk"


05. War veterans pose together with children

Two old veterans stand wearing all their numerous medals stand in front of a tank and shake hands proudly. Children queue to take pictures with them.

War veterans are at the centre of the celebrations for Victory Day. On this occasion, most veterans wear their uniform and show their medals.

See the picture "War veterans pose together with children"


06. Mineral water in the Pyatigorsk 'Proval'

A large natural well of peculiarly looking whitish water.

Not far from the town centre of Pyatigorsk there is the so called 'Proval', a hole in the mountain with a natural mineral water spring. i

See the picture "Mineral water in the Pyatigorsk 'Proval'"


07. An icon in the Pyatigorsk 'Proval'

An orthodox icon is hanged at the mountain wall about one meter above the water level, not reachable by any path.

An icon is hanged on the mountain wall over the naturally white mineral waters.

See the picture "An icon in the Pyatigorsk 'Proval'"


08. Filling station and cattle

Beside a road, there is a green grass hill, with some cattle grazing.

Central Kabardino-Balkaria's landscape is charachterised by green hills where cattle and sheeps abound. In the region there are numerous filling stations of many different local oil companies.

See the picture "Filling station and cattle"


09. Volga in the Caucasus

A large gray Volga car parked next to a road. The road passes through a rocky valley, the sky is very cloudy.

A classic Volga car in the valley bringing to the Elbrus.

See the picture "Volga in the Caucasus"


10. End of the road

There are a few cars and a few sellers of traditional furs and clothing. Ski lift wires go up the partially snowed slope of the mountain.

This is the last point reachable by car to approach the highest mount in the Caucasus (5.642 m) from the north.

See the picture "End of the road"


11. Only snow separating Russia and Georgia

There are a few cars and a few sellers of traditional furs and clothing. Ski lift wires go up the partially snowed slope of the mountain.

Mount Elbrus is an all-year skiing resort. These mountains are the southern Caucasian border of the Russian Federation.

See the picture "Only snow separating Russia and Georgia "


12. Lenin still standing

A representation of the head of Lenin in metal wires stands over a building.

Representations of Lenin, generally in the shape of a bronze statue, are present in all towns of the region.

See the picture "Lenin still standing"


13. Lermontov's duel

A large stone pillar with "To the place of Lermontov's duel" written on it in Russian. In the backround, streets and mountains.

Great romantic poet and writer Mikhail Lermontov died in a duel at the age of 26 in Pyatigorsk.

See the picture "Lermontov's duel"


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