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Selected bibliography of classic works (1979-2009)

by: Graziella Tonfoni
original title (in Italian): Bibliografia selezionata delle opere classiche (1979-2009)
published by: Aracne Editrice
pp: 56
ISBN: 978-88-548-3400-2 
price: € 7,00

Book's frontpage

A selection of particularly important titles for the most various reasons, representing texts that are always consistent and cohesive among themselves. Three decades of advanced research and responsible scientific dedication. A selected bibliography that emerges from an even vaster collection than the innumerable contributions by the same author, Graziella Tonfoni, in multiple forms and formats. A meditated choice, which demonstrates and documents her testimony of a life in service of precision and the exact verification of each and every theory, engendering respect for the cultural diversity and cognitive variety that every communicative eco-system has to offer. The innumerable pages conceived and written by this author, in Italian, have for years educated and inspired an entire generation of readers.
Graziella Tonfoni was the founder of the contents of the Computational Linguistics course (1994-2010) and researcher and professor of advanced interdisciplinary academic programs (1994-2010). Actively engaged in advanced scientific research, literature and interdisciplinary didactics, she still works at the Department of Linguistic and Oriental Studies of the University of Bologna.




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