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News, analysis websites and blogs about Russia

Here you can find basic information about news and analysis websites dealing with Russia, as well as websites of news agencies and blogs from Russian scholars and researchers, with direct links.

Ežednevnyj žurnal

Name in English: Daily Journal
Description: this site, which is updated daily, contains comment and analysis on a wide range of political and social topics.  The standpoint of the site is broadly 'oppositional', and it provides a platform for writers and commentators who have few opportunities to publish elsewhere.  
Language: Russian
Archive: the archive goes back to 2005 and is available free of charge.  It can be accessed either by date or by author

Visit the website of Ežednevnyj žurnal (in Russian)

Description: is a Russian website providing daily analysis about current political events. University professors, researchers, members of parliament, leaders of non-governmental organizations, economists and a number of expert are among its authors. While editor-in-chief, Pavel Danilin, and most of its authors are close to the current government, published articles do not necessarily follow the official Russian line.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 2004, freely available

Visit the website of (in Russian)

News agency "Regnum"

Description: News agency "Regnum" provides free access to its large archive of news.News concerning Russian and the countries of the former Soviet Unionare updaed every few minutes, and are partly translated into English
Languages: Russian, English
Archive: since 1999, freely available

Visit the website of news agency "Regnum" (in Russian)

News agency "Ria"

Title in Russian: Российское Информационное Агентство - РИА Новости
Description: The news agency "Ria" provides updated news abuot Russia and the world. It offers free access to its archived news since 2001.
Languages: Russian, English, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese
Archive: since 2001, freely available

Visit the website of news agency "Ria" (in Russian)
Visit the website of news agency "Ria" (in English)

Description: is part of the O.G.I. project founded by Dmitri Itsckovich. Project O.G.I. includes a publishing house and a few clubs/bars in Moscow, that frequently host public lectures, meetings, seminars and concerts. The website offers full text and often video of such events, as well as news, analysis, a resume of daily news and much more. While dealing with politics, is focussed on cultural issues, and questions related to modern societies and identity.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 1999, freely available

Visit the website of (in Russian)

Description: is a news website publishing news and analysis, founded in 1999 by a group of former journalists of the newspaper "Pravda", but no more connected with it. Some of its articles are available in English, Portugese and Italian.
Languages: Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese
Archive: since 2002, freely available

Visit the website of (in Russian)

Visit the website of (in English)

Description: this is the blog by Maria Pitukhina, who received her Ph.D. in International Relations in 2008 at St. Petersburg State University, Russia. She is currently a postdoc fellow at the University of Bologna, Italy under the framework of the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window Programme.
The blog is embracing 4 categories – Italian diaries, International relations, International exchange programmes and About everything. Under "International relations" you might find both scientific articles and informal comments on a number of important international events. There are vivid impressions on her living and researching experience in Forli in the category "Italian diaries". On the blog you might also find interesting information on upcoming calls for international mobility programmes.
Languages: Russian, English
Archive: November 2010
Visit the blog (in Russian)

Vostok Cable

Description: Vostok Cable is a blog about Russia and Eastern Europe, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It was founded in 2013 by a group of students at Oxford University. This blog aspires to provide a unique perspective on the region, bridging the gap between academic and media debates. It is composed by four sections: analysis, interview, news summary and reviews.
Language: English
Archive: February 2013

Visit the blog Vostok Cable (in English)


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