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Polish newspapers and magazines

Find basic information about the most important Polish newspapers and magazines, with direct links.

Gazeta Wyborcza

Title in English: Electoral Newspaper
Description: Gazeta Wyborcza is the one of the leading quality newspapers in Poland.Founded in 1989by members of the opposition, and since then directedby Adam Michnik, Gazeta Wyborcza offers good coverage of Polish andworld events, andgives space to longer articles about specific issues,commentaries andan interesting cultural page.
Language: Polish, English
Archive: since 1992, for subscribers only

Visit the website of Gazeta Wyborcza (in Polish)

Visit the website of Gazeta Wyborcza (in English)

Nasz Dzennik

Title in English: Our Daily
Description: Nasz Dzennik is a right wing Polish newspaper; it is very conservative in social terms, often close to the positions of the Catholic church, and partially as a consequence, it contrasts the European integration process.
Language: Polish
Archive: since 2007, freely available

Visit the website of Nasz Dzennik

Newsweek Polska

Title in English: Newsweek Poland
Description: Newsweek Polska is one of the most widespread news magazines in Poland. Founded in 2001, and published by Axel Springer Polska, Newsweek Polska is not a translation of the famous American weekly magazine, but it is developed and authored in Poland.
Language: Polish
Archive: since 2007, pay per issue

Visit the website of Newsweek Polska


Title in English: Politics
Description:"Polityka"is a weekly magazine offering news and analysis about Polish current events, as well as world news. It is generally considered to be left of the center from a political point of view, pro-European and socially liberal, for Polish standards, and it is currently the weekly magazine with the largest distribution.
Language: Polish
Archive: since 1998, freely available

Visit the website of "Polityka"


Title in English: The Republic
Description: Rzeczpospolita,state-owned newspaper in communist time, and up to this day partially owned by the state, is one of the main quality newspapers in Poland. It deals in particular with domestic politics,and has good sections dealing with economics and law related issues.
Language: Polish
Archive: since 1993, for subscribers only

Visit the website of Rzeczpospolita

Tygodnik Powszechny

Title in English: Universal Weekly
Description:Tygodnik Powszechny is a popular Catholic weekly magazine in Poland. The website gives access to its articles, but sometimes not in its full version. Since its foundations in 1945, its pages hosted Karol Wojtyła, novelist Stanisław Lem, and nobel-price winner poet Czesław Miłosz.
Language: Polish
Archive: since 2007 from the new website, since 2000 from the old website, from 1945 to 1953 from Małopolska Digital Library

Visit the new website of Tygodnik Powszechny
Visit the website of Małopolska Digital Library


Title in English: Directly
Description: Wprost is a Polish weekly magazine dealing with Poland's current affairs, as well as international issues. Politically speaking, it opposes EU integration, and sometimes gives space to populist oriented contributes. All its contents, except the most recent four issues are freely available.
Language: Polish
Archive: since 1998, freely available

Visit the website of Wprost


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