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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe

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cover page

This journal seeks to provide a radical critical analysis that is sympathetic to democratic, labour, feminist and ecologist movements from contemporary economic, social, cultural and political perspectives and developments in the region bounded by Germany in the west and Russia in the east. We are particularly interested in all writing on the social, cultural, and political life of Germany and Eastern Europe which connects the specific problems of the region with the wider issues of world order, globalisation, and inequality.
We are looking to combine political commitment, academic rigour, contemporary relevance, stylistic accessibility, and journalistic flair in order to create the kind of publication that straddles the boundaries between academia and social/political debate; addressing itself equally to specialist scholars in the field of Central European Studies, political activists, journalists, teachers, and other interested readers. Debatte , welcomes a variety of submissions from the social sciences, historical and cultural studies; all innovative and original analyses of any aspect of the region falling within the purview of the journal will be considered.
We are also interested in features beyond the traditional fare of academic journals, such as documentation, interviews, and eyewitness accounts, and will on occasion translate articles from journals published in the languages of Central and Eastern Europe which would otherwise not be available to our English-language readership.
All research articles in this journal have undergone anonymous double-blind refereeing by two referees.


Andrew Kilmister – Oxford Brookes University, UK

Managing Editor

Pinar Donmez - University of Warwick, UK

Book Review Editors
  • Gareth Dale – Brunel University, UK
  • Adam Fabry - Brunel University, UK
Forum Editor

Gus Fagan - Oxford, UK

Editorial Board
  • Lászlo Andor – Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
  • Ulf Brunnbauer – University of Regensburg / Südost-Institut, Germany
  • Rob Burns – University of Warwick, UK
  • Wolfgang Deckers -  Richmond University, The American International University in London, UK
  • Mathieu Denis - International SocialScience Council, Paris, France  
  • Vassilis K. Fouskas - Richmond University, The American International University in London, UK
  • Peter Gowan – London Metropolitan University, UK
  • David Holland – London, UK
  • Kate Hudson – South Bank University, UK
  • Daniel Jakopovich - University of Cambridge, UK
  • Rick Kuhn – Australian National University, Australia
  • Jeremy Leaman – University of Loughborough, UK
  • Urszula Lugowska – University of Warsaw, Poland
  • George Menz – Goldsmiths College, UK
  • Gunter Minnerup – University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Peter Monteath – Flinders University, Australia
  • Simon Pirani - Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, University of Oxford
  • Gonzalo Pozo-Martin - King's College, London, UK
  • Gavin Rae - Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland
  • Rick Simon – Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • Ilona Svihlikova - Vysoka Skola Ekonomicka, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Peter Thompson – University of Sheffield, UK
  • Wilfried van der Will – University of Birmingham, UK
  • Tatiana Zhurzhenko – Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
International Advisory Board
  • Tariq Ali – London, UK
  • Peter Brandt – Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany
  • John Breuilly – University of Birmingham, UK
  • Keith Bullivant – University of Florida, USA
  • Eoin Bourke – University College, Ireland
  • Mike Davis – California, USA
  • Vladimir Derer – London, UK
  • Dieter Eißel – Universität Gießen, Germany
  • Iring Fetscher – Universität Frankfurt, Germany
  • Richard Geary – University of Nottingham, UK
  • Konrad H. Jarausch – University of North Carolina, USA
  • Michel Löwy – Centre National des Recherches Scientifiques, France
  • Dieter S. Lutz – Universität Hamburg, Germany
  • David Mandel - University of Quebec, Canada
  • Moray McGowan – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Zhores Medvedev – London, UK
  • István Mészáros – University of Sussex, UK
  • John Milfull – University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Catherine Samary – University Paris IX-Dauphine, France
  • Hillel Ticktin – Glasgow, UK
  • Immanuel Wallerstein – Binghamton University, USA
  • English

Since 1993, available on Routledge's webpage.

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  • Policies Against Poverty in Russia – A Female Responsibility by Ann-Mari Sätre, 18 Dec 2014.

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