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Communities and Identities in Bulgaria

edited by: Anna Krasteva
published by: A. Longo Editore
pp: 360 
ISBN: 88-8063-229-6
price: € 23.24

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The book presents the panorama of Bulgaria's ethnic and reli­gious minority communities. No social science is in a privi­leged position when it comes to understanding those diverse and complicated issues. That's why the authors chose the inter­disciplinary approach.
The analysis abides by the following logic: theory-politics-ev­eryday life-"reality".
The purpose of the theoretical part is to present the spectrum of concepts which thematize ethnicity and examine the sphere of validity of a number of theories in study­ing the different communities in Bulgaria. It also analyzes the question of minority rights in regard cultural identity It is impossible to understand minority communities without due consideration for the state's attitude to them, as vested in law and politics.

The conceptualization of minorities in everyday consciousness is an important accent in the book. This accent stems from the view that the voice of not only scientific truth and state interests should be heard in this delicate sphere, but also of the immedi­ate participants in social interactions - both from the minorities and the majority.

The focus is on the specificity of the different communities -Armenians, Aromanians, Catholics, Gagaouz, Greeks, Jews, Karakachani, Nekrasovtsy Old Believers, Pomaks, Protestants (Evangelical Christians), Roma, Tatars, Turks, Uniates, Vlachs (in alphabetical order). The purpose is to present them in a va­riety of theoretical perspectives - historical, ethnological, so­ciological - with an emphasis on their origins and historical transformations, as well as, just as importantly, on the identi­ties of their members.

The last part deals with the diaspora, the Bulgarian Communi­ties Beyond the Bulgaria's International Borders.


Table of Contents

Introduction by Anna Krasteva

Part One - Theory
Anna Krasteva
, Ethnicity
Plamen Makariev, Cultural Identity and Minority Rights in Bulgaria

Part Two - Politics
Krassimir Kanev
, Law and Politics on Ethnic and Religious Minorities

Part Three - Everyday Consciousness
Maya Grekova, Everyday Notions of "Minority"

Part Four - Community's identities
Evgeniya Mitseva
and Siranoush Papazian-Tanelian, Armenians
Katya Atanassova, Aromanians
Irena Bokova, Catholics
Zhivka Stamenova, Gagaouz
Galia Valtchinova, Greeks
Emmy Barouh, Jews
Jenya Pimpireva, Karakachani
Ekaterina Anastassova, Nekrasovtsy Old Believers
Tsvetana Georgieva, Pomaks: Muslim Bulgarians
Roumiana Karapetrova and Emil Cohen, Protestants (Evangelical Christians)
Ilona Tomova, Roma
Stoyan Antonov and Ivan Migliev, Tatars
Antonína Zhelyazkova, Turks
Svetolozar Eldurov, Uniates
Valentina Vasseva, Vlachs
Blagovest Nyagulov and Emil Milanov, Bulgarian Communities Beyond the Bulgaria's International Borders

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