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Central Greece and the Politics of Power in the fourth Century BC

edited by: John Buckler and Hans Beck
published by: Cambridge University Press
pp: 331
ISBN: 978-0-521-83705-7
price: $103.99

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Throughout the twentieth century and now into the twenty-first, Athens and Sparta have largely dominated Classical Greek scholarship. In recent years, however, wider perceptions of the Greek world have become increasingly prominent. While the merits of studying Athens and Sparta remain unchallenged, the critical look beyond them has generated a truly multifaceted picture of Greek political culture. At the same time, interest in, if not obsession with, the polis as the form of Greek statehood is now being balanced by growing research on the ethnos. Scholars explore patterns of constructing collective ethnic identities, expressions of such identities in material and immaterial culture, and their interaction with relation to the rise of urban communities that fostered the development of distinct, and exclusive, city identities. These approaches, in turn, all make their individual contributions to understanding the vexed question of the relationships
prevalent in polis-politics.

This book reflects both changes. It focuses on a region that we believe decisively shaped Greek affairs of the Classical period. Conceiving of central Greece and its core Boeotia as an area with its own regional dynamics, this collection of essays attempts to examine Greek history in a test tube: while paying particular attention to regional patterns of interstate relations, we also hope to disclose the interaction between regional politics and Panhellenic affairs. This approach should add to the rising interest in a period in Greek history that still widely lacks understanding.


Table of contents

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Prologue: Power politics in fourth-century Greece

A survey of Theban and Athenian relations between 403–371 BC
2. The incident at Mt. Parnassus, 395 BC
3. The battle of Coronea and its historiographical legacy
4. The King’s Peace, alliance, and Phoebidas’ strike (382 BC)
5. Sphodrias’ raid and the evolution of the Athenian League

The re-establishment of the boio¯tarchia (378 BC)
7. The battle of Tegyra, 375 BC
8. Plutarch on Leuctra
9. Alliance and hegemony in fourth-century Greece: the case of the Theban Hegemony
10. Xenophon’s speeches and the Theban Hegemony
11. The phantom synedrion of the Boeotian Confederacy, 378–335 BC
12. Boeotian Aulis and Greek naval bases
13. Epaminondas and the new inscription from Cnidus

Thebes, Delphi, and the outbreak of the Sacred War
15. Pammenes, the Persians, and the Sacred War
16. Philip II, the Greeks, and the King, 346–336 BC
17. A note on the battle of Chaeronea
18. Philip II’s designs on Greece






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