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Call for Submissions: Post-Socialist Moral Economies

A Special Issue of the Journal of Consumer Culture

Deadline for submitting abstracts
: Monday April 11th 2016.

Journal of Consumer Culture

Description of the Call

This special issue of the Journal of Consumer Culture seeks to create new links between longstanding research interests in consumer culture studies around moralities and ethics of consumption and economic sociology's new-found concern with moral embeddedness of economic life. As this special issue takes as a starting point the moral entanglements of economic categories as well as practices, we warmly welcome papers on practices that reshape moral frameworks or analyse continuities and disjunction between socialist and post-socialist economic moralities.

Over the past seven years, the causes and lingering effects of global financial crises have been widely discussed in the Western world in both scholarly and popular publications. Accounts of economics in crisis have prompted renewed interest in the moral dimensions of economic life in both economies and sociology. Moreover, there is also a significant, sustained debate within consumer culture studies about how people resolve or engage with moral questions through consumption  practices, and how this is impacted by class. Inspired equally by these debates, this special issue examines changing moral boundary drawing and consumption practices in postsocialist countries.

Eligible topics for the Journal

We are especially interested in contributions addressing themes and substantive topics such as

  • Class, social status and distinction
  • Acceptability and respectability in consumption
  • Obligations or duties to self, family and others
  • Moral conflicts, particularly intergenerational or within families and institutions
  • Shifting notions of necessity and/or luxury
  • Perceptions and practices of “luxury”
  • “Deserving” and “undeserving” others
  • Gifts and recirculation of goods
  • Changing financial products and practices
  • Household provisioning practices

Guidelines for submission

Please submit abstracts of no more than 500 words by email to by Monday April 11th 2016.

Enquires about the call for papers or questions about potential submissions can also be sent to the same address.

Edited by Sandy Ross (Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University,, Chris Swader (Associate Senior Lecturer, Lund University, and Steven Miles (Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University,



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