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A Laboratory of Transnational History

Ukraine and recent Ukrainian historiography

edited by: Georgiy Kasianov and Philipp Ther
published by
: Central European University Press
pp: 318
ISBN: 978-963-9776-26-5
price: € 31.95

Book's frontpage

A first attempt to present an approach to Ukrainian history which goes beyond the standard ‘national narrative’ schemes, predominant in the majority of post-Soviet countries after 1991, in the years of implementing ‘nation-building projects’.

An unrivalled collection of essays by the finest scholars in the field from Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, Austria and Canada, superbly written to a high academic standard. The various chapters are methodologically innovative and thought-provoking.

The biggest Eastern European country has ancient roots but also the birth pangs of a new autonomous state. Its historiography is characterized by animated debates, in which this book takes a definite stance. The history of Ukraine is not written here as a linear, teleological narrative of ethnic Ukrainians but as a multicultural, multidimensional history of a diversity of cultures, religious denominations, languages, ethical norms, and historical experience. It is not presented as causal explanation of ‘what has to have happened’ but rather as conjunctures and contingencies, disruptions, and episodes of ‘lack of history.’


Table of contents


Part One - National vs. Transnational History
Georgiy Kasianov, “Nationalized” History: Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Future…
Mark von Hagen, Revisiting the Histories of Ukraine
Andreas Kappeler, From an Ethno-national to a Multiethnic to a Transnational Ukrainian History
Philipp Ther, The Transnational Paradigm of Historiography and Its Potential for Ukrainian History
Part Two - Ukrainian History Rewritten
Natalia Yakovenko, Choice of Name versus Choice of Path (The Names of Ukrainian Territory from the Late Sixteenth to the Late Seventeenth Century)
Oleksiy Tolochko, Fellows and Travelers: Thinking about Ukrainian History in the Early Nineteenth Century
Alexei Miller and Oksana Ostapchuk, The Latin and Cyrillic Alphabets in Ukrainian National Discourse and in the Language Policy of Empires
John-Paul Himka, Victim Cinema: Between Hitler and Stalin: Ukraine in World War II—The Untold Story
Yaroslav Hrytsak, Ukrainian Nationalism, 1991–2001: Myths and Misconceptions
Roman Szporluk, Making of Modern Ukraine: The Western Dimension

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